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B32 presents:

Our Time – part 1
Mathias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf, Petra Feriancova,
Mauro Cerqueira, Robert Kaltenhäuser, Kamen Stoyanov
& Andrew Sroka
Video screening project

Time turned out to be a central issue of a ten-day-long gathering, unravelling an underlying issue and surprising perspective of contemporary art. 15 young curators from different parts of Europe high lighten this theme in Our Time, a group show of video works.
B32 presents the whole project consisting out of 15 films in three parts. Our Time was initiated by Joao Mourao on the occasion of the Cecac workshop week 2008 conducted by Charles Esche, Nedko Solakov and Fondazione Ratti Milano. A publication under the same title completed the course. Our Time – Part 1 features five films that recount stories of individuals being somehow positioned in the margins of their personal condition or of society. By taking up their station at a non-location in a non-time, they act not only as protagonists of the films, but also in relation to art discourse.
To whom It May Concern (2006) by Petra Feriancová is proposed by Lucia Gavulová (Slovakia). Aside from some sort of reconfiguration of the existent, she collects shots where the story is dominant. Marika Zamojska (Poland) asked Mathias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf to participate with Regionalverkehrt (2007), a speedy one minute film that plays out the word game of its title meaning ‘being in the wrong place at the wrong time’.
Roma Open Air Museum (2006) by Kamen Stoyanov is contributed by Vladiya Mihaylova (Bulgaria), filming the artist Fausto Delle Chiaie in his self-declared museum on a square. The work hints towards the preoccupation with the marginal by artists and the effect they undergo once captured by a camera. Teresa Iannotta (Italy) presents Lath and Plaster (2007/2008) of Andrew Sroka, a piece that focuses on the slow and methodical deconstruction of a wall and its connotations as an architectural element. A wall together with a spray can is also an issue in Mauro Cerqueira’s work A Luta (the fight) (2009), curated by Joao Mourao. Lene ter Haar (Netherlands) participated with the ‘Over’-loop of Art Inconsequence / Advanced Vandalism (2008) by Robert Kaltenhäuser in combination with photographs of David Radon and Sabrina Karakatsanis which forms the link to the coinciding show on display.


Witnesses - 15 seconds of being a vandal
David Radon / Sabrina Karakatsanis
Contemporary photography, vandal engineering & graffiti

A piece of graffiti that deeply impressed us was written on a Milano subway train: Art is just a four letter word hits. Even more, because this statement unravels not simply an ironic slogan tattooed on a train, but also an attitude towards life in general
that may go to the length of writing it on the very own body. It’s more about a conviction and maybe also, connected to the professional art world, as a confession. We write it, we live it, we are it – we may really mean it. So it’s all about choosing a standpoint, an identity, and this is exactly what is at stake in the pieces presented here. They are much more interwoven with each other than you would suspect on the first view, and the difference of scratching something into your skin and just telling
it seems to become neglectable.
With this exhibition artist Robert Kaltenhäuser returns as curator to B32 in order to present DAVID RADON (1975, Germany) and Sabrina Karakatsanis (1980, Germany) with photography, vandal engineering and graffiti. Witnesses - 15 seconds of being a vandal invites you to witness autonomous and documentary photography centred around a shared subject matter. Different approaches of the narrative arise questions about the artists attitude as well as modes of representation. Herewith the perspective is continuously shifting, confronting the witnesses with questions that start with spontaneous decision-making but may stretch toward the existential.
Discover the naïvest possible way of proving your existance. You want to become a vandal? Push the button.

Opening 27/02 2010, 20h
w/ music by Renniac
Open 05/03 16-20h, 6-7/03 14-17h
12/03 16-20h, 13-14/03 14-17h
And by appointment 0628312307

@ B32 - Bourgognestraat 32 - NL - 6221BZ Maastricht - www.B32.ORG
More information: 06 28312307 or b32expo@gmail.com

Sabrina Karakatsanis: http://mundraumatmosphaere.tumblr.com

Renniac: http://www.renniac.net/site/index_de