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Graffiti-Expo, Düsseldorf 5. - 12. May 2007

On the hype-peak of the so-called 'street art', we invited a handful of the planet's most interesting graffiti artists to our small town. The name was meant to communicate that the interest of their work is far beyond the usual boredom that goes under the label 'street art'. Unfortunately nobody seemed to really notice, since there was a lot of reactions like: "Wow, a cool street art expo in Düsseldorf!" Anyway, they could have read the curatorial statement.
The expo was initiated by the team of Galerie Revolver and took place in their gallery plus some friends places around the block, like Plan D or Misprint.
Christian Heidemann of Revolver took care of this nice official homepage. For a brief introduction to the participating artists check this link, or click the names:


-Os Gemeos

-Richard Schwarz

-Cyop & Kaf



-Harald Nägeli

We were all very proud of the nice catalogue, which had the special feature of showing both the free/illegal work of the artists, and the work done in our exhibition. This was made possible by leaving half of the pages white, with frames like sticker albums, and have stickers with photos of the exhibition-artworks sent to those who bought a catalogue two weeks later. Fun like childrens collecting of soccer-fan sticker album collections.

Maybe Christian still has some in stock: info@beyond-streetart.de