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I Should Be So Lucky

Création chorégraphique de la compagnie Unusual Symptoms

Vendredi 12 novembre, 19h
Friday 12 November, 7pm
Théâtre Chenla
bv. Mao Tsé Toung X av. Monireth

"I Should Be So Lucky" is a performance
gathering several artists from Cambodia,
France & Germany.
Finding yourself in Phnom Penh, the colourful,
contradictory, changing capital city of the
Kingdom of Cambodia, you might want to rent
a motorcycle, go out to a bar or a restaurant,
buy some household supply or a pair of jeans.
In these cases it's quite likely to end up at
"Lucky Moto", "Lucky Bar", "Lucky Store" or
"Lucky Boutique". No matter if you're a son or
a daughter of this city or a foreigner enjoying
a holiday in Cambodia, it seems that you
should BE SO LUCKY.
Unusual Symptoms did not bring a fixed script
along for the piece. An associative dialog is the
heart of this project. In Cambodia, the strong
grip of tradition clashes with the unavoidable
influences of global culture. Challenges evolve
in daily life, as well as in theater, in dance or
in visual arts. Various cultural pre-sets constitute
different conventional surfaces.
It's those surfaces we try to face, deal with,
maybe question or even challenge, but most
of all - dance upon.
Unusual Symptoms

Mise en scène | Directed By
Samir Akika

Dramaturgie | Dramaturgy
Robert Kaltenhäuser

Danseurs | Performers
Nabil Ouelhadj - Nora Ronge - Kun Chan Sina - Khon Chan Sithyka - Noun Sovitou
Yon Chanta - Nam Narim - Belle Chumvan Sodachivy- Chy Ratana - Sem Kosal - Phon ChamPisey
Keo Sreyleak "Diamond" - Khay Sokha "Sokha" - Sovann Dyrithy "Fresh" - Ouk Nin " Flex"

Installation, décors | Installation, Stage design
Gabor Doleviçzenyi - Robert Kaltenhäuser – Aaron.St - Tith Kanitha


Entraineurs de dance | Dance Coaches
Ulrike Reinbott, Gabrio Gabrielli, Nora Ronge, Nabil Ouelhadj

Materiel choréographique | Dance Material
Belle Chumvan Sodachivy - Chy Ratana - Gabrio Gabrielli - Keo Sreyleak "Diamond"
Khay Sokha "Sokha" - Khon Chan Sithyka - Kun Chan Sina - Nam Narim - Noun Sovitou
Nabil Ouelhadj - Ouk Nin " Flex" -Ulrike Reinbott- Nora Ronge - Phon ChamPisey - Sem Kosal
Sovann Dyrithy "Fresh" - Yon Chanta

Sam Neang